Patterned Speed Horse Association
Patterned Speed
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Welcome to Patterned Speed Horse
Association! Here you'll find
information about our organization, as
well as event information. Events
include Barrel Racing, Key Stake
Race and Keyhole.

Our members have decades of
experience in organizing and events.
Whether you're new to gaming, or are
a seasoned patterned horse racing
enthusiast, you're welcome here.

We have classes and events for all age
groups and levels of riding - from little
Buckaroos to Super Seniors -
beginning to advanced, fun play days
and serious racing events.

Come join the fun, as we believe the
saying that families that play together,
stay together!
JJ winner of the
All Around Horse 2014
Rider Larry Plagerman  

Junior - Emma Bruntil- Cody / Nooksack             
Intermediate - Jessi Watkins - Cooper/ Kirk Weinz
SRA- Tawnee Hillmer - Cowboy/Plagerman Family  
SRB- Erica Crabtree- Rojo / Modern Sewer             
SSA- Waynora Martin - Belle/Cozy Cove Orchards  
SSB - Jack Brooks - Pretzel/Gamers Saddle
Individual Event Horse - Mojo/Colleen Clark
All Around Horse - JJ/ Larry Plagerman
Sponsor BMW, Northwest Inc.

Thanks to Chevron for
sponsoring all our
Championship plaques and
medallions this year!!!  
Thanks again to  BMW Northwest for
continuing to sponsor our All Around and
Individual High Point Saddles!!!
PSHA's aim is to promote
excellence in
sportsmanship and

To encourage junior
riders to learn and
grow both inside and
outside the arena,
together in a family,
friendly atmostphere!
Mojo winner of the Individual Event
Horse 2014
Rider Colleen Clark
We are so proud of Aubrielle Salinas for the a job well
done in her quest for 2015 Queen.  You went from a shy,
non public speaking young woman to a very confident and
well spoken young woman.  Congratulations on a job well

Horses and Riders who
have earned their 7A for

Larry Plagerman, JJ    
John Lemke, Spatz      
Jack Brooks, Pretzel
Brandy Bruneau,  Flash
Aubrielle Salinas, Gus
Addison Wenger, Snickers
Curt Walz, Price
Linda Tjoelker, Reba
Marv Tjoelker, Gus
Waynora Martin, Belle
Emma Brunitil, Cody
Tyler Decker & Money
Lien Family 2014 State Finals Grand Marshalls
Emma Bruntil and JD
Tawnee Hillmer and Cowboy